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Justin Bieber could face deportation amid charges of DUI and resisting arrest

Justin Bieber could face deportation back to his native homeland of Canada if he is convicted of an aggravated felony with his latest arrest for drag racing and drunk driving.
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Famed rock singer Justin Bieber was arrested this morning and could face deportation back to his native homeland of Canada if he is convicted of all charges which include DUI (driving under the influence), resisting arrest and driving without a license, according to ABC News, Jan. 23, 2014. Allegedly Bieber, who had been drinking and taking prescription drugs and marijuana, was drag racing when he was stopped by police and arrested in Miami, Florida.

Bieber also is a suspect in an egg throwing case in which the home of a neighbor was pelted with eggs and sustained over $20,000 in damages a little over a week ago. Bieber's home was searched by detectives for evidence in the egg throwing case on Jan. 14, 2014. Bieber could face felony vandalism charges if convicted in this case and that could make the possibility of deportation more likely. During that search, a member of Bieber's team was arrested on charges of drug possession.

Of course the fact that deportation is a possibility does not make it likely. Conventional wisdom at this time seems to be that authorities are waiting for Bieber to grow up so that he is able to utilize his talent effectively within the borders of the United States. Despite this, there is an effort by concerned citizens to have Bieber deported on the grounds that he is a "bad influence" on young people. They have mobilized and circulated an online petition calling for Bieber's deportation on

As in all things, time will tell. We will be waiting and reporting as things develop.

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