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Justin Bieber compares himself to Michael Jackson in side by side Instagram pic

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Just when you thought his ego couldn't get any bigger, Justin Bieber compares himself to the King of Pop. On Jan. 24, less than 24-hours from his release from jail, Bieber took to Instagram in this unbelievable side-by-side comparison between himself and Michael Jackson.

Justin Bieber is clearly spinning out of control. His most recent arrest was less than one day ago and included charges for reckless driving, DUI and resisting arrest. He also has had very recent incidents of urinating in public in Colorado and egging his neighbors home.

Now, Bieber does something even more egotistical and shocking. He posted a picture of himself waving at fans upon his release from jail next to a picture of Michael Jackson doing the same.

The difference? For starters, he is not Michael Jackson. Additionally, the picture of Michael Jackson is from his arraignment on molestation charges. Bieber's picture was taken after spending roughly 8-hours in jail for reckless driving, DUI and resisting arrest. He has not even had a court date and his charges are pending. The "struggle" Bieber is facing is hardly comparable.

The comparison is ridiculous and Bieber is making himself look even more silly than he already has. The only thing that Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson seem to have in common is their appreciation for prescription drugs. Maybe the 19-year old Bieber will put down the codeine bottle and get help before their stories really do end the same.