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Justin Bieber compares himself to Michael Jackson on Instagram

Justin Bieber is going to have Michael Jackson fans wigging out before the end of the day. The entertainer might not be talking about his issues in Florida, but the picture he posted on his official Instagram account Friday will give everyone some perspective on who he feels he is in the music business.

Sharing a picture of Michael Jackson on the roof of a vehicle along with Justin’s picture on Thursday waving to the fans on top of the SUV, there was an interesting caption on the snapshot. "What more can they say," wrote Justin Bieber on his Instagram account Friday. Posting a picture of the iconic moments on the roof of a vehicle, the visual comparison was intriguing.

Let us be frank, the first thing the fans of Michael Jackson will say is that the teenage star isn’t anywhere near the status of the King of Pop. The comparison is laughable at best and fans of the star will have to admit that the idea of one artist’s legacy can’t be attached to another artist’s career.

Of course, we’d be remiss if it wasn’t pointed out that both stars have been plagued by the media and the paparazzi has been relentless. The fans followed both stars to their court hearings too, but neither could say that was a high point in their careers. The rumors of drug abuse are another similarity that cannot be ignored.

Justin Bieber might want to leave people with the impression that he is the best in the music business. But, it’s not true at the moment because he still has so much life to live. And while he is comparing his life to Jackson's, he might take a remember these fun facts; Jackson didn't swear at cops, street race or egg the neighbor's home.

We all hope Justin Bieber gets past this uncomfortable legal mess and gets back to the studio where the fans love his work most. With a little more hard work in the studios, he may be the next King of Pop.

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