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Justin Bieber claims he was 'detrimental' in own career

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On March 10 LA Times claims shares deposition video footage compiled by TMZ that shows Justin Bieber's childlike behavior as he fidgets, practically falls asleep, doesn't pay attention, and storms out when opposing counsel asks him about Selena Gomez.

During deposition questioning in his upcoming case stemming from a paparazzo alleging that Bieber's bodyguard attacked him, Bieber was asked whether or not his mentor, Usher, was instrumental in his career, Justin Bieber claims that he was found on YouTube, and he was detrimental in his own career. While this is literally true, his counsel rushed in to correct the singer's flub and explain to Justin that detrimental is a bad thing.

The clips of his deposition, that took over four and a half hours, he is hostile to a court reporter that apologized in advance for requesting he speak up, he mumbles, slouches, and rolls his eyes when people ask him questions. No wonder it took so long when he was unwilling to simply answer questions and just get it over with. Depositions aren't known for being happy situations, however, when you go into it acting like a child, you shouldn't expect to be treated like an adult.

What do you think of Justin Bieber's attitude toward the whole deposition. Would you say that being detrimental to his own career is accurate?