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Justin Bieber charged with vandalism: Singer to pay restitution & gets probation

Justin Bieber as we’ve all heard had vandalized his neighbors’ mansion with eggs causing extensive damage. This situation has now finally been resolved as Justin pled to a deal to settle the charges that were pressed against him.

Justin Bieber gets another slap on the wrist
Miami Police Department

Yesterday news stories began posting across the internet according to Fox News that the Los Angeles County District Attorney has charged Justin with one count of misdemeanor vandalism. The pop star has taken a deal and seems to have skated once again with a lesser type of sentence.

Bieber is now compelled to complete an anger management program for twelve weeks, he has been placed on probation for the next two years, has to comply with a restraining order to keep at least one hundred feet from his neighbors property and pay restitution in the amount of $80,900 for the damage that was created by vandalizing his neighbors home with eggs.

Every move Justin makes for the next two years has to be reported to his probation officer. Maybe now he will take some time to think before acting out and immaturely when the thought of another prank crosses his mind or is suggested to him by his so-called friends.

As to Justin skating with a lesser sentence is true. The district attorney has to make a choice to the charge when he was prosecuted. His egging prank could have been more than just a misdemeanor. His actions actually could have been charged as a felony which would result in a much more serious punishment for Justin.

Will this scrutiny on his life be the wake-up call this pop sensation needed to fly right?

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