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Justin Bieber blows $75,000, $1 at a time, at famed Miami strip club

If you wonder just how rich Justin Bieber is, consider that he spent $75,000 in just one night -- Monday night -- as reported by TMZ. Whether or not you think he blew the money or used it well depends on your opinion of how he spent it: He gave strippers in the well-known King of Diamonds club 75,000 one dollar bills (not all at once, mind you).

Lil Scrappy's invitation

The visit to King of Diamonds followed an excursion to the Mansion nightclub.

It wasn't just any old visit to King of Diamonds though. He reportedly went there to attend Lil Scrappy's birthday party (Instagram photo above). They were also celebrating Martin Luther King Day (go figure).

King of Diamonds wasn't making a secret of Bieber's visit. In fact, they advertised it, in obvious hopes that fans would show up, too. A tweet on the KOD Twitter feed said:

Justin Bieber is at "@KOD_miami strip club in Miami and just ordered 75K in dollar bills.

One has to wonder if Bieber was giving out the funds himself or if his entourage was (Nah, in this case, we're sure that Bieber wanted to "get his hands dirty." It wasn't as though he was trying to take a camera from a paparazzo).

The embedded video shows what is supposed to be Bieber at KOD, but it's so dark that it is hard to tell for sure.

Due to embedding limitations on-site, other videos -- including one of Monday's "action" and of Bieber at Mansion -- can be viewed here.

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