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Justin Bieber baptized in bathtub at Hillsong after racial scandal

According to Fox News on Monday, the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, 20, was baptized in the church bathtub at Hillsong in New York. Following the racial scandal of videos posted with Bieber using the N-word, he has sought a deeper relationship with his maker.

Justin Bieber baptized in bathtub at Hillsong in New York.
Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Bieber has been seeking a church in New York, and recently he, reportedly, attended a week-long Bible study which culminated in his baptismal service. The "Sweetheart" crooner purportedly purified his spirit with a bathtub immersion at a Manhattan church a week ago, after another feature was discharged of the pop star singing the N-word five years prior.

Bieber looked for penance at the congregation after a week of thorough Bible study, his minister, Carl Lentz, told TMZ. The genuine event occurred in the congregation's restroom and was performed by one of the pop star's buddies, the website said.

To be baptized is a Christian ceremony in which a person is immersed in water, briefly, to represent a cleansing or purifying and initiating the person into the Christian community.

The Biebs, who was 14 when he was caught on camera singing, “There’ll be one less lonely n—–,” a racist take on his song “One Less Lonely Girl,” studied Bible passages and attended religious services before the religious ritual, TMZ reported.

Usher, Bieber's mentor, as defended the rock star by concluding that he is not a racist, but, no doubt, has not always "chosen the path of his greatest potential."

The New York Post's Page Six had reported in February that Bieber was scouting New York City holy places with a private pool to direct the purifying custom. He in the end settled on Hillsong Church's bathtub on the grounds that it was private, TMZ said.

Justin is to be commended for taking a huge step in the right direction. Being only 20-years-old, he has a long road ahead of him and many challenges in his rock star career. Our best wishes go out to Justin.

“Justin is serious about his Christian faith, and after recent events, he needed to take a pause,” a source told The Post at the time.

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