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Justin Bieber arrested with Khalil while drag racing, DUI with expired license

On January 23, 2014, at approximately 4:09 a.m., pop star Justin Bieber was taken into custody by Miami Dade Police Department officers. Bieber was charged with resisting arrest without violence to his person and warrants issued for driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with expired license.

Singers Justin Bieber and Kahlil arrested, caught drag racing and DUI
Singers Justin Bieber and Kahlil arrested, caught drag racing and DUI
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Justin Bieber caught drag racing with Khalil, arrested for DUI and expired driver’s license
Miami-Dade Police Department

Bieber (birth name: Justin Drew Bieber, age 19), and R&B singer Khalil (birth name : Khalil Amir Sharief (Sharieff), age 19), were spotted racing their vehicles, in a residential area near 26th and Pine Street. According to statement made to Southwest Florida’s WSVN, by Miami-Dade Police Department spokesman Sergeant Bobby Hernandez, the area was blocked off by two black SUV vehicles. Bieber was driving a Lamborghini and Khalil was driving a Ferrari. Both Bieber and Khalil were arrested. Both vehicles were taken to police impound.

At arrest, according to police report (see photo), Bieber requested reason for detainment, stating he was just leaving a recording studio. Bieber denied being drunk and yielded to both a breath analyzer and field sobriety test. The officer who conducted the tests, Officer Dionne, observed Bieber to have flushed skin, bloodshot eyes and scent of alcohol on breath. According to Offer Dionne’s police report, Bieber ‘did not perform to standards’ regarding the field sobriety test. Bieber agreed to a drug evaluation. However, no information is currently available for this examiner relating the results of the drug evaluation. Charges of resisting arrest were assessed as a result of Bieber allegedly being belligerent, using curse words while making inquiries to officers, and refusing to keep his hands on a vehicle during standard pat down.

Further investigation also yielded that Justin Bieber’s driver’s license, issued in the state of Georgia, has also been expired, since June 24, 2013.

Because both young men are under the age of 21, they face harsher standards and sentencing for their crimes.

An individual under the age of 21 maybe considered intoxicated if they have a blood-alcohol reading of .02 or more, while someone over the age of 21 intoxication level requirement is .08 to be deemed intoxicated.

Likewise, among other penalties, there is a mandatory six-month driver’s license suspension attached to an individual under the age of 21 found guilty of driving under the influence, which may or may not be assigned to a first offender age 21 or more.

Justin Bieber is currently being held at the Miami-Dade Correctional Facility in Miami Beach, Florida.

Currently, Bieber has bonds set at $2,500, with an additional warrant and bond pending magistrate attention. Kahlil has a bond est at $1,000, also with an additional warrant and bond pending magistrate attention.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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