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Justin Bieber arrested: singer could face deportation, but not likely (Video)

With Justin Bieber arrested and hamming it up in his mug shot Thursday morning, some fans are worried about the 19-year-old pop star's immigration status. With a felony vandalism investigation still underway back in California related to an egging that allegedly caused $20K in damages to a neighbor's home, Bieber likely thought it made sense to head to Miami Beach to blow off some steam this week.

A van thought to hold Justin Bieber, 19, is swarmed by press outside a Miami-Dade County jail following Bieber's arrest in Miami Beach on DUI and drag racing charges Thursday. Could the singer face deportation over his criminal charges?
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Trouble followed the singer, however, and on Jan. 23, he found himself booked into a Miami jail on a variety of charges including DUI, street racing, resisting arrest and driving without a license. Read more about the singer's arrest and see his mug shot here.

Justin Bieber Arrested: Could Teen Dream be Deported Over Legal Woes?

As an immigrant in the US on a special visa for extraordinary entertainers and artists, could Justin Bieber's arrest result in the teen heartthrob being deported back to his homeland of Canada?

It isn't likely, at least not in this particular case. According to ABC, an immigration lawyer says charges of driving without a license and driving while intoxicated are serious, but simply aren't serious to get someone deported. (At least not someone like Bieber.)

However, the case in California, where his neighbor has accused him of throwing eggs over a wall that sits on their shared property line and ruining expensive materials, could potentially result in deportation because of the felony classification. A federal immigration law titled 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act provides for the deportation of immigrants on even low-level criminal charges.

Though fans should certainly be concerned about Bieber's mounting legal and personal troubles, they shouldn't be overly worried on the immigration front. Even with Justin Bieber arrested on multiple charges in Florida this week, and even though he's facing a serious criminal investigation back in Calabasas, it is unlikely the singer will be booted out of the country anytime soon. He can count himself lucky that although he has gotten speeding tickets, faced lawsuits (including an ongoing suit filed by an ex-bodyguard) and has been accused of everything from assault to reckless driving in the past, this is his first actual arrest.

That doesn't mean the singer is out of the woods, however; Bieber could face up to six months in jail on the drag racing charges alone, not to mention fines and a lengthy loss of his driving privileges due to driving on an expired Georgia license and the DUI charge. While we have no doubt Bieber will plead "not guilty" to every charge that is now or ever will be levied against him in this or any case from now until the end of time, we're pretty sure Bieber's lawyers aren't amused that the singer, according to the Miami Beach Police Chief, reportedly "made statements he consumed some alcohol, had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication."

This is one time it might pay to give those famous vocal chords a serious rest! Currently, Bieber is reportedly awaiting his initial appearance, where bail will likely be set and he will be released from jail. Stay tuned!

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