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Justin Bieber arrested: singer booked on DUI, drag-racing charges (Photo)

A smiling Justin Bieber, arrested Thursday on drag-racing and DUI charges, poses for a mug shot during booking Jan. 23 at a Miami jail.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Justin Bieber was arrested and booked into a Miami jail early Thursday morning on charges of drag-racing (in a rented Lamborghini, no less), suspicion of DUI and resisting arrest, according to multiple sources including CNN. The teen celebrity reportedly failed a sobriety test and was also driving without a valid license when he was questioned by police about his participation in the drag race. (Check out the Justin Bieber mug shot above; he sure doesn't look too concerned about his troubles.)

Police reportedly also arrested the driver of a Ferrari which was racing Biebs in the Lambo; sources indicate pal Khalil Amir Sharie, who had been posting photos of himself and Bieber with the souped-up sports cars earlier in the night on his Instagram account, was the other person taken into custody. Model Chantel Jeffries was also seen partying at a club with Biebs before his arrest, as well as both driving and riding in the Lamborghini in several photos from Jan. 23.

Justin Bieber Arrested: Singer Booked for DUI and Street Racing, All Smiles in First Mug Shot

Police reportedly pulled Bieber's car over around 4 a.m. on Jan. 23 after noticing the street racing activity; Bieber's camp reportedly even blocked traffic with their SUV's to make room for the illicit race. Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez told the press Bieber, who was apparently cursing and acting quite "belligerent" with police on the scene, also "made some statements" admitting he had smoked marijuana, consumed alcohol and taken pills in the time leading up to his arrest.

The 19-year-old pop singer has seen his share of trouble over the past year, with allegations of spitting in a neighbor's face, hitting up brothels in South America and video evidence of him peeing in a mop bucket. Before Justin Bieber Arrested began trending on Twitter on Thursday, the most recent egging incident seemed to be the worst yet.

Though egging is often shrugged off as no big deal, the next-door neighbor in that case is alleging Bieber's hi-jinks caused $20,000 in damages to fine, imported materials on his home. The allegations of such high-dollar damage mean the case is a felony investigation, and Los Angeles County Sheriff's officers are taking it seriously. Authorities served a search warrant on Bieber's Calabasas home last week, confiscating his mobile phone (to look for possible video, photo or text evidence) and security camera footage; the singer's friend, rapper Lil Za, was arrested on drug charges during that raid.

The singer's mother, Patti Mallette, who has had experience with substance abuse and risky behavior herself, recently asked fans to "pray for" her son if he is struggling. "Don't kick him when he's down or condemn him," the 37-year-old pleaded in a recent interview with The Sun newspaper.

We really do wish him the best, but for his own good, someone should really teach baby Biebs the meaning of words like discretion, humility and respect. A healthy dose of shame wouldn't hurt, either; the grin in that Justin Bieber mug shot looks more like he's posing for his next album cover than contemplating what kind of trouble he's just gotten himself into!

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