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Justin Bieber arrested on false charges of DUI, drag racing?

Justin Bieber, arrested for allegedly drag racing, may have been innocent. Following Justin Bieber getting arrested on DUI and reckless driving charges, evidence has come forward that might just clear him. According to a report from TMZ on Saturday (Jan. 25), the cars that the pop singer and friend Khalil were driving have GPS devices installed that track the speeds of the vehicles.

Did Justin Bieber get arrested on charges that will not hold up in court?
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The police report accuses the two of drag racing a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Spyder and a Ferrari 16M at speeds between 55-60 mph. This took place in a speed zone that was marked for 30 mph and it is what the arresting officers placed in their reports. According to the rental agency, though, the top speed of the vehicles was 34 mph before the cops spotted them and it drops to 27 mph just a few blocks later. It means that if the GPS data is correct, that neither driver was traveling anywhere close to 55 or 60 mph.

In addition to the information about the speed of the vehicles, the blood alcohol level from when Justin Bieber was arrested has been revealed as well. It measured at .014, which doesn't seem to mesh with the claims that the pop singer "reeked of alcohol" at the scene as well as at the police department. The police department has not released an updated statement based on this new information, but celebrity sites like TMZ are now claiming that the "facts seem to show the allegation is made up."

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