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Justin Bieber arrested for DUI

Justin Bieber Mug Shot
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Pop sensation Justin Bieber was arrested early this morning in Miami Beach for driving under the influence and drag racing.

According to the Miami Beach Police Department Bieber was arrested about 4:00a.m. while driving a yellow Lamborghini and was allegedly under the influence of marijuana, prescription pills and alcohol. Bieber made statements to police that he had been drinking beer, smoking pot and taking drugs after his arrest. Among the many charges Bieber is looking at include “non-violently” resisting arrest.

The “non-violent” resisting arrest may stem from Biebers actions once pulled over when he yelled at the police saying “Why the f**k are you doing this? What the f**k did I do. Why did you stop me?”

After removing Bieber from the car and doing a routine pat down Bieber continued his verbal assault by saying “I ain’t got no f**king weapons, why do you have to search me? What the f**k is this about?”

Police initially stopped Bieber for driving almost 30 MPH above the posted speed limit of 30 MPH in a residential neighborhood. Police noted that Bieber reeked of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot and that the teen star had a “stupor” look on his face.

Reports indicate that associates of Bieber blocked off the street so he could drag race with Khalil, a well-known rap artist with Def Jam records. Khalil was also arrested.

Bieber could be looking at six months to a year in jail on the DUI and drag racing charges and fines ranging from $250-1,500 and anywhere from a six month to a year suspension of his drivers license.

The troubled star is still under investigation over allegedly egging his neighbors home in California which could end up seeing him charged with a felony due to the amount of damage being alleged which is in excess of $20,000. Management teams for Bieber have advised him repeatedly to move from the California home but he has refused to do so.

When police searched Bieber’s home they found a number of narcotics and other drugs for which Lil Za, better known as Xavier Smith, a rising rap artist, was arrested.

In the last six months Bieber has been at the center of a number of scandals and poor decisions from allegedly using the services of a brothel while abroad, the egging incident and just prior to this arrest he was in a Miami adult entertainment establishment where he reportedly “made it rain” by tossing upwards of $75,000 in dollar bills.

Representatives for Bieber as well as his mother, Pattie Mallette have not responded to requests for statements.

While not often mentioned in many reports Bieber could be deported back to his native Canada if convicted of a felony in the egg throwing incident. A felony conviction would make it difficult for him to travel back to the United States as well as a number of countries abroad which could severely impact his career.

Friends and people close to Bieber are watching the pop star self-destruct and even on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez has stated Bieber needs to go into a rehab program.

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