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Justin Bieber arrested for drag racing and DUI: Blocks off street to drag race

Justin Bieber was arrested for drag racing and suspicion of DUI in the early hours of Thursday morning. While details are sketchy at this point, there is one thing that’s blatantly apparent, it is time for someone to step in and help this kid.

Justin Bieber arrested for drag racing and suspicion of DUI, this kid needs help now!
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to “Fox and Friends” live on Thursday morning Jan 23, Bieber once again shows up in the headline with the police. This time his mom is “reaching out,” according to Brian Kilmeade on Fox this morning. CNN News reports today that "Bieber is having some issues," something that has become painfully blatant in recent months.

Bieber’s friends blocked off a street with cars and Bieber was caught racing a rented a yellow Lamborghini against a red Lamborghini, according to Fox News this morning. His arrest was at about 4 a.m. and he is expected to walk out of the Miami lock-up sometime this morning after being held there on the charges.

CNN on Thursday morning said that Miami Beach police Detective Vivian Hernandez has confirmed that Justin was arrested on “suspicion of driving under the influence and drag racing" this morning.

CNN’s last line is “Bieber is having some issues,” especially since his debacle with the law around the raid at his home that was hoping to find eggs, but turned up drugs instead.

Granted the drugs were said to be his friend's, who was arrested at the time, but it is still Bieber’s house and as that old saying goes, “you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.”

Bieber’s choice of friends have also been in question lately. All of this aside, this kid needs help. He got too much way too soon and life and the kid cannot handle it.

Folks can sit back and point the finger at the kid who is acting like an over sized spoiled brat, but if someone doesn’t step in and help him soon, this can only get worse.

The people he is surrounding himself with don’t care about him, they wouldn’t bring drugs into his home or help him drag race while possibly under the influence by blocking off streets. These are people that like what his lifestyle has to offer.

Bieber’s basically buying that kind of friendship. He has a family that loves him and even though Selena had no choice but to get out of the picture with his behavior escalating, she loves the kid too.

These are the people that need to corner him and get him help today. It’s almost as if he is asking for it.

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