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Justin Bieber arrest report gives profanity-laced play-by-play (Court Docs)

Justin Bieber gives fans and media a photo op after being released from a Miami jail Jan. 23 on a $2500 bond. Get the full arrest report and a list of charges here.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber was arrested for an assortment of charges, including DUI and resisting an officer, Thursday morning in Miami. The aftermath has unfolded in front of the media, with everything from Bieber's mug shot to police reports becoming available within hours of the event. Below, find the full Justin Bieber arrest report from Jan. 23 here now.

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Full Justin Bieber Arrest Report: 'Why the F--k Are You Doing This?'

Popular singer Justin Bieber, 19, is accused of driving while impaired on marijuana, alcohol and prescription pills, as well as drag racing, resisting an officer without violence and driving on an invalid license. He was seen smiling broadly in the mug shot taken during booking.

The official Miami Beach Police Department arrest report says an officer observed two Lamborghinis that appeared ready to begin street racing, with "two black SUV's behind both vehicles as if to stop traffic. This facilitated an open road for the two [sports cars] to race." (What the officer saw was actually Justin in a yellow Lambo and his pal Khalil in a red Ferrari - Khalil was also arrested on DUI and drag racing charges.)

The officer made a U-turn to catch up with the vehicles, which by this point were engaged in a "contest of speed" (drag-racing) and were doing up to 60 mph in a posted 30 mph zone.

The officer used his radio to call for backup and pulled over the red Ferrari. Another officer made contact with the yellow Lamborghini, which Bieber was driving. This officer states he "immediately smelled alcohol" on the driver's breath. He said Bieber's eyes were blood-shot, he "had a [look of stupor] on his face" and moved with "slow, deliberate movements." As the officer began to investigate, Bieber went on the defensive. "What the f--k did I do?" the singer demanded to know. "Why did you even stop me?" The officer cited drag racing and told him to exit the vehicle.

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When asked to face the vehicle, put his hands on the vehicle and generally comply with the officer for a quick pat-down to check for weapons, Beiber reportedly cursed and resisted the officer. "Why the f--k are you doing this?" Bieber (indicated as "driver" throughout report) said. "I ain't got no f--king weapons!"

As the officer repeatedly gave instructions to comply, Bieber remained belligerent. The Justin Bieber arrest report continues, "I advised the driver if he continued to take his hands off the vehicle, he would be subject to arrest. The driver again turned around to face me. At this time, I grabbed his right hand and stated to him that he was under arrest." The officer goes on to say Bieber continued to drop the f-bomb and resist, and that it took two other officers to help get him fully into custody "with no further incident."

The report also says Bieber failed a sobriety test once at the MBPD and that the singer "later agreed to a breath test as well as a drug evaluation." A further charge was added as it came to light the star's out-of-state license was expired.

Beiber made an appearance in front of a judge around 2 p.m. on Thursday, just eight hours after being arrested. He was released on a $2500 bond, a figure we've heard countless people call "pocket change" since the story broke. As he strolled out of jail, he waved to fans and even popped up through the sunroof of his SUV for a brief photo op. As in his mug shot, he did not appear distressed; speaking to the DUI charges, he still appeared intoxicated in the photo.

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