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Justin Bieber appears stupid and aloof during deposition

Justin Bieber is now being called "stupid ,disrespectful ", and those names are just the kind ones after his deposition in a lawsuit was released. The video of his deposition was made public yesterday March 10 2014. In it, he is seen giving flippant answers and arguing with attorney Russell Adler. At one point, the pint sized pop singer is seen winking at the camera.

At numerous points in the deposition, Bieber calls it an "interview" and even though he admits to knowing this this not a television interview, he still behaves as though it is one. Bieber's deposition is in response from when he is alleged to have ordered an untrained and unlicensed bodyguard named Hugo Hesny to assault and rob a working news photographer named Jeff Binion. Hesny was not trained or licensed in Florida to do that kind of work.

Bieber's lawyers are equally at fault for not getting their client under control. Knowing full well that this deposition tape would be made public, they are allowing him to come off in an arrogant way. This never plays out well. Had Bieber showed deportment, and respect , it would go a long way to enhancing his image. Instead, he managed to insult the entire nation of Australia by questioning whether he was ever there. Not too smart on his part.

This deposition will be shown to jurors and now that it is public, the entire world can see it. There is no one in their right mind over the age of 15 that would ever think his conduct is acceptable and that could be a problem for Bieber. Jurors seeing this arrogant attitude will be happy to help adjust his attitude by emptying his bank account in favor of Mr. Binion. If Bieber were smart , he would write a check yesterday and be done with this lawsuit.

While the deposition runs several hours, there are outbursts that will resonate with people. Most folks can forgive one or two snide remarks.However, Bieber was full of them, He even disrespected his mentor Usher by at first refusing to acknowledge his existence. The pitiful behavior continues when Bieber tells the world "I was found on Youtube . I think that I was detrimental to my own career". That part is true.

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