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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez tempting fate on Segways? Video

Just as Selena Gomez looked like she made a clean break and got out of her relationship with Justin Bieber without any of his residue tarnishing her reputation, she goes back for more! Selena was spotted with Justin on Thursday riding around on Segways in his Calabasas gated community, the Oaks, according to TMZ on Jan. 3.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spend the day at his house riding Segways and it lites up Twitter.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Granted, they were seen only hanging out and the two do have quite a history together so maybe she missed him a bit, but why start this over again with Bieber? When Bieber gave an interview in December he shared that the two were barely talking.

At the time of the interview they weren’t talking at all. While you might feel sorry for Justin a bit after hearing his sincerity in that interview, anyone who is truly a Selena fan was happy that she moved on.

Justin’s antics had gone over the top with his violence towards the paparazzi and his disrespect for people in general. He had even appeared to lose respect for Selena with his behavior after being seen in pictures grabbing his crotch. Selena is a class act and if he really respected her, he would have not behaved like that while he was her boyfriend.

Twitter fluttered a bit when the news of the two together yesterday hit the news. One person wrote about Bieber holding up traffic in his gated community and gave him a shout out to “grow up.”

A TMZ vote on whether Justin and Selena should get back together or not had “Yes, they are perfect together” getting 44% of the vote. “Oh, man! Not this again,” was a very close second with 39% and “No, but they can be friends captured just over 15% of the vote.

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