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Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom throw down over Miranda Kerr

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom have an ongoing celebrity feud going on between them, one that became physical after Bloom confronted Justin at a nightclub on Wednesday, July 30 according to Hollywood News Daily reports.

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom fist fighting over Miranda Kerr
Photo by Angela Weiss

The two celebrities were partying at the club Ibiza's Cipriana when Bloom strolled over to Bieber said a few words then threw a punch at the twenty-year-old singer.

Now, Orlando Bloom is nearly old enough to be Justin Bieber's father so the feud between them over Miranda Kerr, 31, seems very silly but is garnering much media attention with TMZ's video of the celebrity brawl.

Witnesses on hand claim that Orlando Bloom had been very upset by Bieber hitting on his ex-wife Victoria Secret's Miranda Kerr that he confronted Bieber and lost control.

These two have been battling back and forth since on Instagram throwing intentional slams at each other like two school boys at recess, thing is Justin is not much older than these said school boys, but Orlando Bloom is acting all kinds of immature and silly.

Fans believe that this is feud goes back to Bieber flirting with Kerr, and Orlando and Justin's ex- Selena Gomez reportedly hooking up back in April.

It is not a secret that Bieber is a bit thug like and seems to create drama and chaos where ever he goes, nor is it a secret that male celebs in their 30s, (Drake Bell for instance) all want to smack the crud out of Bieber, or have him deported.

Justin Bieber however does not appear to care what others think of how he rolls with the ladies and continues to flaunt his successes and conquests into the faces of all.

Wonder where this will lead?

Share your thoughts on Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom's celebrity battle with us. Are you team Bieber, or Bloom on this one?

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