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Justin Bieber confronts Orlando Bloom at Ibiza Club over Miranda Kerr

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Orlando Bloom who is a highly acclaimed and established actor had a break up with his wife Miranda Kerr was in an altercation with Justin Bieber possibly over Orlando's ex wife. This lead to their confrontation in a club where they exchanged words, it is reported that Bloom almost punched Justin Bieber, but it missed him. People intervened and they separated them. Justin Bieber the singer and the acclaimed actor Bloom were in Spain where it is reported that the singer spoke rude comments about ex-wife to Bloom who is Miranda Kerr. The words upset Orlando Bloom which made him rise up to fight Justin.

It is reported that Justin and Bloom sat on the opposite tables but they would not speak to each other, at some point even Bloom refused to shake hands with Justin. Bloom was dining with Leonardo DiCaprio during the incident. Orlando Bloom is an actor who is 37 years old and a former husband to Miranda Kerr. Bieber is 20 years old and he is a singer. Due to his young age he is referred to as a baby singer. It is reported that Justin Bieber spoke rudely to Orlando such as, she is good, where he was referring to the ex-wife. This upset Orlando Bloom and he was ready to fight with Justin.

According to close associates of Justin, they deny as usual any alteration made by Justin Bieber which will have evoked anger in Bloom. They claim that Justin even never knew Bloom was there but apparently Orlando was angry with Justin and started the drama. Another source of information claim that Justin Bieber was just being cordial to Orlando, when Orlando got offended hence leading to the creation of the scene. This is not the first time Justin Bieber has had beefs with other people claiming Bieber has a sarcastic and facetious attitude. Time magazine even ran a news story this morning on "The Long List of People Who Have Beef With Justin Bieber" and the list is quite long.

Even with different sources of information contradicting each other, the truth is that they got into a confrontation where they were about to fight but were separated by entourages who saved the situation. When the fight broke up between the two people where excited in the restaurant where they started cheering up, most people where trying to get up from their seats so that they will have a clear look of the scene.

There was a patron who was at the scene and he managed to capture the video, it shows Orlando Bloom walking away where he was being separated by the crowd. After a short while the video shows Orlando walking towards Justin where they exchanged some words.

TMZ got the video and managed to publish it on Wednesday early in the morning. When the two were back again, Orlando was seen throwing a punch at Bieber. Bloom`s punch missed but the crowd cheered with excitation. They were separated later since the punch missed. According to TMZ In the video, Justin Bieber is seen yelling at Bloom asking him, what is up bitch? The two Bloom and Bieber have been at odds due to the fact that Kerr was seen flirting with Justin at a fashion show, Victoria Secret fashion show in the year 2012. Bloom has also been rumored to have been befriended Selena Gomez who is Justin’s ex.