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Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone collaborate on new song

Justin Bieber posts a selfie with Austin Mahone
Justin Bieber posts a selfie with Austin Mahone
Justin Bieber via Instagram

Justin Bieber has already demonstrated that he is trying to cultivate a bad boy image, and lose his status as a teenage heartthrob. However, according to an April 2 story by Perez Hilton, it looks like Justin Bieber will be collaborating with another former teenage heartthrob, Austin Mahone. Interesting, this story is confirmed by none other than the Biebs himself.

The collaboration between Bieber and Mahone was revealed through an Instagram post by Justin Bieber on April 2. The image features the two stars standing together in a rather dim studio. In response to the post, Austin Mahone posted a message that hinted that the two had just finished recording a collaboration that is destined to be a hit.

What an amazing song last night..The world isn't ready!” - Austin Mahone

What do you think about the news that Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone have collaborated on a recording project? Do you think the they are likely to find success or is it destined to be another failed combination of two former heartthrobs?