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Justin Bieber allegedly cusses out Austrailian TV staffer

Justin Bieber may be feeling overwhelmed by Bieber fever.
Justin Bieber may be feeling overwhelmed by Bieber fever.
Courtesy of Island Records

Perhaps Bieber fever is overwhelming Justin Bieber.

According to Radar Online, The 16-year-old pop singing sensation allegedly told a floor manager while on the set of Sunrise, a morning show based in Australia, to stay away from him in the not so kindest of words:

The Canadian pop star allegedly swore at an Australian television staffer, telling a floor manager: "Don't ever f**king touch me again".

David Koch, who hosts the show, confirmed this incident in a radio interview with Mix FM, a station in Sydney:

“We had him on and he was a thoroughly nice bloke... really decent guy,” revealed Sunrise host David Koch, in a radio interview on Wednesday.

“But our floor manager was directing him to where he was about to perform and (Bieber) turned around and said to him: ‘Don’t ever f***ing touch me again’.”

Bieber himself, who is known as something of a social networking guru, took to Twitter to respond to the allegations:

"I know my friends, family and fans know the person I am. Hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job I guess," Bieber tweeted on the subject.

"So everyone keep smiling…we r all blessed and I am still grateful and appreciate the opportunity u have all given me to do what I love."

Justin Bieber is currently tearing up the charts with his "Baby" (which features Ludacris) single from his debut album, My World 2.0.

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  • makala 5 years ago

    you are hot

  • michelle 5 years ago

    JUSTIN! yea hes hot aha :)

  • jackie 5 years ago

    i love hey

  • jackie 5 years ago

    i love u

  • JERRICA 5 years ago


  • Izzy 5 years ago

    Justin your fans,family and friends know that you wouldn't do something like that there just trying too mess with you keep your head up o.k. I LOVE YOU.

  • garbri'anna 5 years ago

    you are hot in cute

  • perla serrato 5 years ago

    so hot

  • wendy obregon 5 years ago

    i hate ur girlfrien:..........[

  • khristan 5 years ago

    the song baby rocks my socks it is one of the most awesome song in the world so ya it is Texas is awesome

  • khristian 5 years ago

    Justin is hot i love him i want to marry him =)

  • alyssa 5 years ago

    i dont think justin is that type of prson to do that... i suggest to everbody that has read this not so real story to alone take justins side

  • Jazemine 5 years ago

    Don't believe adults. they are always triny to take away things that mean alot to us. POWER TO THE BELIEBERS!!!

  • Mike 5 years ago

    That Justin Bieber girl is gonna be quite the attractive young woman when she matures.. Mmmmmmm

  • kassaNDRA 5 years ago


  • caroline 5 years ago

    i luv u justin!ur so hot! =D

  • lolita 5 years ago

    hi justin bieber I love you

  • lolita 5 years ago

    hi what are you do taday justin

  • Lilli 5 years ago

    That so rude I thought you were diffrent I guess I was wrong you were my idel guy but no cause you are a stuk up rich fames boy I was a fan but now i am a hatter I through all my justin bieber things out and even the picture I drew of him I don't believe it you are ment to be sweet and kind I am crying writing this because I was hopeing the other rumors are true but they are the rumors you are NOT sweet,kind,thourtgful or normail kid anymore I hope Cody dose not ture out like you

  • bunny 5 years ago

    i don't believethis its just pulbicty and i love justin bieber he is so cute sweet thougthful and caring and i love his music so much i hope you check out wat i wrote

  • Steph 5 years ago

    Um he's like 16 it'd be surprising if he didn't act like that..

  • Hannah 5 years ago

    Justin. Dont't get a tattoo. It hurts alot. I agree with Lilly.
    I though you were nice and sweet. But i think im not your fan anymore. Im sorry. Im very upsett with you right now. I hope cody hears this and wont be your fan anymore. Im not a fan of you anymore.

  • elizabeth 5 years ago

    wow justin your such a potty mouth but i still love ya besides who could be mad at a cute guy like justin bieber

  • kayla 5 years ago

    liiies. i don't belive them.
    i love you justin:)
    no no no wait.
    i F**KING love you justin. :D

  • Kaitlyn 5 years ago

    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! You are soooo HOTT and I wanna Marry YOU!!! :)) I would love to go to your concert somtime i dont care if u curse i am kno for a fact that a whole lot of other ppl on Disney Channel curse to they are not perfect and neither are you.. So ppl if you hate Justin Bieber than resist the erge to write crap about him... You are just causing Drama, Fights and whatever else you can start and i think he is awesome and hott and most of my other friends do to... So that is what i gotta say bout it....-----<3------ Kaitlyn...... I am gonna meet you one of these days!!!! :D

  • -->BRADI<-- 5 years ago

    hey ily so much justin i hope some day u come to grand island nebraska man u got so many fans down here its unbelievable i havent heard of one person say ur *** or a *** around her ily bby!!

  • kijrfdf 4 years ago

    that is so sad to here stuff like this and he said things like that

  • Myra 4 years ago

    Uh Lili that is so rude! And ik this is just a lie, ( a rumor) I know justin bieber wouldnt do this! And he is my idol 2! And, it was just realli rude 2 say that if u donno if its real or not!! JUST SAYIN!

  • belieber 4 years ago

    justin bieber is awesome and i wouldnt believe anything people say about him causer its not true

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    JUstin biebar sux

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