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'Justified' recap and review: 'Good Intentions' gives us theft and gunplay

After last week's not so sterling episode, Justified is back to its old ways. Picking up right where things left off, Boyd is still searching for his drugs, leading him to accuse Wynn of ripping him off, at least until Wynn points out there's like a half-dozen suspects. And Raylan is busy getting laid, at least until Art ruins it. Thank you, Art.

Raylan (Timothy Olyphant, left) has to deal with the mafia in this week's 'Justified.'

Our boss marshal tells Raylan that Monroe (the guy he arrested last week, played by Xander Berkeley) will be out tomorrow and probably pissed that Raylan is using his house as a hotel. Raylan doesn't really care, because he's fixated on Alison (Amy Smart). For a really good cop, our hero gets easily distracted. But then there's an unexpected visitor out front, and he's got a baseball bat, not to mention a bad haircut. And Raylan's evening is officially ruined.

The next morning, Raylan is waiting for Monroe when he becomes a free man, and they exchange some witty banter while Jerk Sheriff is still angry about not being able to arrest Boyd. Paxton suggests that Boyd should just be killed instead. So cut to Boyd, who's in the back room of the bar looking all Zen while he and Wynn interrogate various suspects in their drug theft. The best part of this is that Jere Burns gets a gun.

Meanwhile, Art makes Rachel move in with Raylan, which is going to be a barrel of laughs. Plus, more screen time for Erica Tazel! Rachel teases her new roomie, especially when Alison turns up, which provides the best of this episode's comic relief - especially when Raylan tells Rachel that the blonde is just Loretta's social worker. Um, Raylan, you're a lot more obvious than you think.

On the criminal side of our story, Dewey (Damon Herriman) argues with cousin Daryl (Michael Rapaport) over business, while Boyd visits Ava to ask if she knows anything about a girl named Candy that he believes is complicit in the drug robbery. Ava would just like a pleasantry or two from her fiance. This particular prison visit is short-lived.

Raylan visits the house of the dude who interrupted his date in spectacular fashion, breaking quite a few things upon entering, and a few more after. It turns out that Henry is not one of Monroe's friends, but somebody who's got a bone to pick with Alison over the status of Henry Junior. "You've gotta spend less time screwing up other people's lives and more time fixing your own," Raylan advises him, adding that Henry shouldn't mess with Alison again. Giving out warnings is pretty much a staple in the Raylan Givens arsenal.

Monroe nearly kills his girlfriend for whatever she was up to while he was locked away, and then tells her she's going to make amends for her betrayal by running a little errand for him. Rachel - who does not approve of Raylan's screwed-up life - finds the girlfriend on the doorstep the next morning, and lets her into the house. Raylan confronts her trying to retrieve gold from the house's safe, and informs her that she's going to go back to Monroe and tell him that the safe was already empty. This is not news Monroe takes well, deciding to go kill Wynn Duffy.

As Boyd sends Carl to fetch Candy, Dewey shows up at the bar to complain to Boyd, which unsurprisingly goes really badly given that Boyd is intimidating and Dewey is pretty much a wet noodle. This turns into Boyd telling Dewey to man up and deal with Daryl already. Boyd has other things to do, like teaming up with Paxton's wife to get the drop on Jerk Sheriff.

It's up to Raylan to try and save Wynn, which is not something either of them is happy about. Way too many bad things have gone down in this RV, people. After Raylan catches Wynn up to speed on the events of the episode, Wynn retorts, "You're protecting me from a situation you created?" Touche, Mr. Duffy. Rachel gets the drop on the would-be hitman, while Wynn's partner Boyd is drinking with Paxton's wife. She's getting way too close to our dear Mr. Crowder. Like seriously, personal boundaries.

Some time later, Raylan is drinking to celebrate Rachel moving out, the gold being put into safekeeping, and Monroe going back behind bars. Alison's there with him, and he refers to her as his "girlfriend," so that officially puts the kibosh on last season's Raylan/Winona re-romance. Thankfully, it's only implied that these two are going to get busy. We've got better things to talk about, like Dewey trying to kick Daryl out, and Daryl revealing that Wade (James Le Gros) is the source of Dewey's financial woes. He's been skimming a whole lot of money, on Boyd's orders. "How do you get rid of bodies round here?" Daryl asks, before telling Dewey to kill Wade.

And speaking of killing, Carl's found Candy and delivered her to Boyd in a trunk. She claims that she has no idea where her accomplice in theft is, but Boyd uses her cell phone to identify him: it's Johnny Crowder (David Meunier). Oh, this is about to get nasty.

"Good Intentions" is a much faster-paced story than the one before it, or perhaps it just feels that way because there's so much more going on here. Whereas last week was fairly centered on Raylan dealing with Loretta and romancing Alison, now we have a variety of happenings, from Dewey and Daryl, to Art being awesome, to Wynn Duffy getting to shoot things. Justified is at its best when it weaves together everything that's going on in Kentucky, and that's what happens here, with us moving efficiently between characters and storylines, so that it feels like there's never a dull moment.

An added bonus is that the episode provides additional screen time for two underused folks. After Xander Berkeley had a 'blink and you missed it' appearance last week, his deadpan delivery works great in his scene with Timothy Olyphant this time. And more of Erica Tazel is always a good thing, particularly as Rachel calls Raylan out on his lack of life management skills. Somebody has to do it. Plus, the return of David Meunier - at least, we assume he'll be back next week - is another reason to applaud.

Nothing huge might happen in this installment, but that's okay because overall, we get story movement with almost every major character (Tim Gutterson is on vacation this week). There's enough of everything - action, witty one-liners, interesting character moments - to keep us entertained. This episode, most likely, will be a stepping stone to bigger things, and it makes us want to know what those bigger things are. Let's just keep the momentum rolling, shall we?

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