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'Justified': Graham Yost teases season finale and final season spoilers

"Justified" Executive Producer Graham Yost and actress Joelle Carter attend the Writers Bloc Presents A Tribute to Elmore Leonard on January 21, 2014.
"Justified" Executive Producer Graham Yost and actress Joelle Carter attend the Writers Bloc Presents A Tribute to Elmore Leonard on January 21, 2014.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

"Justified" Executive Producer and showrunner Graham Yost talked about the upcoming season finale and the overriding theme of the final season of the hit FX series Thursday in a media conference call. He also revealed which main character will be featured in the final scene of this season.

This is your official spoiler alert.

First, the universal theme for the final season next year for each character will boil down to "one more thing before I go." Art (Nick Searcy), who lives after his shooting, will have one more thing he wants to wrap up before he retires. Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) has one more thing he needs to do before he leaves, as does Boyd.

As usual, they throw us a little tidbit of information vague enough to fuel the imagination without really telling us anything. These guys are good at that.

Yost also revealed that although we don't know if the ending will be good or bad for Ava (Joelle Carter), she will be pivotal in the final moments of Season 5 of "Justified."

In recent panel discussions and interviews, Yost and Olyphant have freely talked about the final season next year coming down to the three main characters that started it all: Raylan, Ava, and Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins). So it would seem that Ava will survive somehow. But could they be deceiving us?

Or, ask yourself this: Does a character have to be alive and present to be pivotal to the final conflict? With Ava in such deep trouble, could it be that maybe she won't get out of prison -- or Harlan -- alive? Because if she did die, that would be pouring gasoline on the fire that is the relationship between Raylan and Boyd.

And talk about guilt for both parties.

Take Raylan's guilt at not getting Ava -- an ex-girlfriend -- out of prison and even threatening to have the guards look the other way if she comes to harm, plus throw in Boyd's guilt at the same for not saving his ex-fiancee, and these two could easily end up blaming each other for her current situation and whatever happens in the season finale. We've already seen a reference to Ava when Boyd and Raylan have their confrontation in the marshal's office in "Starvation." Raylan talked about the trail of dead bodies and people "rotting in jail cells" that Boyd had left in his wake.

Ava is certainly one of those rotting in jail. And about to be rotting in the ground if things don't change for her mighty quick.

It may sound far-fetched, but all I can say is this: Yost revealed something in the call that made me think that despite previous statements about Ava and the final season, she may not survive past this season. (Just vague enough to fuel the imagination, but not really tell you anything, right?)

They've already revealed she'll get out of jail, but will it be on her feet, or in a body bag? What do you think?

Want to hear more of what Yost had to say? Subscribe and watch for the full transcirpt of the Yost conference call as we count down to the "Justified" season finale, which airs April 8 on FX.

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