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Justified Episode Commentary:Shot All To Hell


“Shot All To Hell” might have been the single greatest episode of this entire series of "Justified" because most of the intensity not only involved Boyd Crowder, it also involved a character you’d least expect, Art.

If you thought Art’s character was as dry as a peach, he certainly gets a nice round of applause in this episode. Although we don’t see much of Raylan Givens, the good news is that the plethora of story-lines involving the other character’s kept you interested.

From the very start, “Shot All To Hell” is like a lit fuse that when it reaches the end of the device it is attached to will simply explode. There were some intense showdowns, and several characters that kicked the bucket so to speak. From the start of this season the action has been sort of low key. However you can tell that this was simply a “Justified” style episode and to top it off the main character was not part of the main action as much.

Although Daryl Crowe’s character can be an annoyance at times, his screen time was limited. He does however finally meet Boyd Crowder, which was one of the highlights this episode had to offer. Boyd’s calm demeanor and smooth talking abilities are what makes his character so brilliant. While he and Rodney discuss an interesting heroin shipment plan, his plan to get EVA out of jail unfortunately goes awry and could impact both of them in a negative way. Cousin Johnny is also in the mix and ends up being smarter than he looks. It seems that his story arc has taken a point of interest this season.

Art’s confrontation with a hitman working for TheoTonin is what makes this episode worth watching. In the past, we are used to Art working behind the desk playing boss to Raylan and the rest of the deputy U.S.Marshalls. It was cool to see him working out in the field and on his own. His charisma and guts make him likeable and a fan favorite if he wasn’t one already.

Finally, Raylan decides to come clean, sort of, in terms of being present during Nicky Augustine’s death last season. If you thought Raylan was in hot water with Art before, you could bet his situation is even worse now. This leads to the question if Raylan will tell Art if he was at the scene where Augustine was killed, or make it look like he will give himself up and confess.

Overall,this episode is a must watch that is full of surprises leading a wave of twists and turns you can’t get enough of. It is safe to say that business has picked up, and Harlan will definitely see plenty of action with the weeks to come.

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