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Justified Episode Commentary: Over The Mountain


Repetitive and slow-moving plot lines and a few character flaws ultimately break your heart in the slow as molasses moving "Justified" episode “Over the Mountain.”

For the audience, it was a series of unfortunate events as Raylan (Timothy Olyphant), searches for a missing informant, Dewey still shows that he might as well be the biggest buffoon in the history of television, Boyd meets with cousin Johnny and settles an old score and the Nicky Augustine murder case has reopened which could spell trouble for Raylan. Sure it sounds like a lot, but truth be told, it's more a case of quantity over quality story lines.

Now that we have reached the fourth episode of this season, the plot lines are moving slower than they should. The new characters, Allison, Vera, and Daryl Jr. do have their wits about them, but it is obvious that they wreak of trouble. As far as the episode goes, it's more mediocre than anything else. You could say it was mixed with a bit of boring and very little intrigue, but not enough to keep you excited.

It is safe to say that the Dewey plot line is getting tiresome, but unfortunately it's is one of the major arcs in this season. It's a good thing the majority of this season focuses on Boyd Crowder who at this point is the favorable character over the smooth gunslinger, Raylan Givens. Although you want to root for Raylan because he is the man of the Law and is the quintessential good guy, his character has become dry and simply tiresome.

Especially in this episode. He constantly reminds his foes that he is a U.S. Marshall (like they already don't know who he is) and he continuously brings up the whole “Ill put you down if you take one more step" routine. In this episode especially, we see a side to Raylan that we haven't really been introduced to. He seems to have a taken a step back in character. The old Raylan Givens wouldn't take any lip from a young smart mouth little punk. In this case he does from Daryl Crowe's baby brother.

We did not see enough from Boyd Crowder this episode, how ever he and Raylan did have their usual repetitive questioning scene together. Although the hilarity was that Boyd was caught with a shot gun riffle in his hands. Although Boyd had a legitimate excuse for the rifle, it is still the same song and dance when Raylan questions him. You do admire Boyd's charisma by going from serious let's get down to business, to the smooth talking cool calm and collected character we all love, and the best part about it is that he can get away with it. Like an annoying cat who scratches and claws you, and when you go to yell at due to frustration, it gives you the Puss N Boots look.

Overall, this episode had many flaws. The Dewey Crowe plot line is a major one that needs to be resolved quickly. Michael Rappaport who is the new Baddie this season, so far is not what we expected. He does not pull off the southern accent as well as the other actors on this show and his character can be annoying at times. Although he is not as dumb as he looks, he can become a major thorn in side of Raylan Givens- and the audience- for that matter for the remainder of this season. If he makes it that long.

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