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Justified Episode Commentary: Kill The Messenger


If you thought last week's episode of Justified was intense, there is no question that “Kill The Messenger” is not only a knock out punch, but is also filled with plenty of surprises that will certainly get your attention.

From start to finish, this episode delivers on all aspects. Art lets Raylan know how he feels via a punch to the face, Allison is knocked out of the road by Daryl's idiotic and psycho brother Danny and Boyd gets screwed out of a few deals, but joins forces with an unlikely ally.

It seems that when there is little of Raylan involved, each episode transitions smoothly. The same result is here again, as it was another Boyd driven episode. Believe it or not Daryl Crowe Jr. becomes an extremely impressive character in the process- which could result in a great finish to this season. Unfortunately we do see Dewey and Danny search for Boyd back at his bar, however they run into one of Boyd's associates, Carl. Off course Raylan ends up finding out about it, and does not end up making any arrests due to a clever but weird excuse from Carl.

While Eva is transported to a prison in Kentucky, Boyd asks a favor from an old friend, that she is looked out for while in prison. Unfortunately for both Eva and Boyd, no dice. Now things get extremely interesting because you think that Boyd is all out of options. He then brings a deal to non other than the Crowes to help him take out his old White Supremacist buddies that are responsible for Eva getting jumped in prison. If you thought Daryl Crowe Jr. was annoying and a waste of a character this season, your opinion about him will certainly change as he shows that he can be extremely dangerous. After business with Boyd's old buddies was taken care of, he had another favor to ask of the Crowe's, and that was to help him kill a specific family member that has been a thorn in his side lately.

Overall, this episode had everything you wanted- to top it off it was a great building block to what is to come for the remainder of the season. While Raylan seems to be on the outside looking in, he is sure to have his hands full now that Boyd and the Crowes are in business together.