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"Justice" off to a roaring start.

Ty Mapp
Nikol Photogrpahy

A new comer to the world of screen writing and filmmaking, Ty Mapp, [] launched a new project “Justice” just a couple of weeks ago. It is designed to be a totally on fire, sensational and utterly thrilling action horror film. Yeah but there are zillions of people making super duper action thrillers. True, but few ever get made and none that I have ever been acquainted with have jumped off with the kind of super energized start Ty Mapp has brought to this project.

In just two weeks he has already assembled a great cast of well known actresses with proven talent. Here is the cast so far:

Kari Irwin [] in the lead role of “Michelle Justice.” Kari is also attached to the exciting feature “Cottowwood” starring Anthony Michael Hall, Ethan Suplee and Louis Gossett, Jr. She has also earned abundant critical acclaim for her stage work.

Dawn Noel [] in the role of “Saphire.” Dawn comes to Hollywood from a successful stage career on Broadway having appeared in “Lion King,” “ In The Heights” and “Fame.” Her numerous TV credits include “Glee” and “NCIS.” Her film credits include “Shattered Pitch” and “The Wackness.”

Ava Gaudet [] as “Michelle.” Ava’s numerous credits include the TV series “Mike & Molly” and “Private Practice.” Film credits include “Infamous 2” and “Love, Sex and Promotions.”

Tia Robinson [] cast as the head vampire Queen. Tia has also appeared in “High School Musical III,” “Murder 101” and “Zombie Night.”

Anna Bowen [] is “Jenny.” Anna’s credits include appearances in “Castle,” “Mixology” and “As the World Turns.” Her film credits include “Chicken Pox” and “By The Numbers.”

Holly Hyman [] is “Georgia.” Holly is best known for her roles in “Hairspray” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

And while Ty considers himself to be a pretty darn good screen writer he is also a wise man and as such has secured the services of Staci Layne Wilson [], a proven screenwriter, to help him get this project camera ready.

I my many years covering the Hollywood scene, first on talk radio and now in print I have never before seen a producer/writer/director bring so much great energy and talent to a project so stunningly fast. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. His target shoot date is in April of this year. Wow! This in a town where it can take a year just to figure out what color the green screen should be.

I will keep you informed as matters progress and other key elements are added. So do take a mere New York second and subscribe to this Examiner. I promise this is going to be one helluva ride.

Copyright 2014 Ron Irwin

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