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Justice League officially is set and Snyder take the director chair

The Justice League movie is officially set
The Justice League movie is officially set
DC Comics

With so many names joining the upcoming Batman vs Superman project, many fans figure the movie should be renamed Justice League. Well if you are one of those people, then you do not have to worry about that happening. Because the Justice League film is coming. According to a story from the Wall Street Journal, the iconic superhero team will be coming together to save day on the big screen; and the film has a director. Taking the director's chair is the man behind Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Zach Snyder.

The fact that Snyder is directing and a Justice League movie is coming to theaters should be shocking for no one. It was was suggested some time ago that in Snyder's contract, the director was attach to three films. Man of Steel was the first, followed by its sequel (Batman vs Superman) and another film; which in this case is Justice League. So hearing that Snyder is officially directing Justice League is not that shocking.

With this updated news brings a certain issue to light. Months ago when Warner Bros announced they were pushing Batman vs Superman back to 2016, fans everywhere were shocked and mostly annoyed. However, the news of Justice League officially hitting theaters does change thing. Especially when Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit tweeted that Justice League will be shot back to back with Batman vs Superman. Suddenly, the fact that the Superman and Batman film getting push back to 2016 make a lot of sense.

So if you were not sure that Zach Snyder would help DC's big team up film, now it is official. However, before the Justice League can take center stage.the Man of Steel must come face to face with The Dark Knight when Batman vs Superman hits theaters in Summer 2016.