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Justice for Rocky: Dog shot and killed by NY police during July 29 drug raid

Facebook: Justice for Rocky

On the morning of July 29, West Seneca Police, along with the Buffalo narcotics team, conducted a drug raid on the home of Ronnie Raiser. According to a Facebook: Justice for Rocky page started by the family, not only were drugs not found at the residence, but the raid resulted in the tragic death of his dog Rocky.

It all began around 7:30 a.m. when Detective Marrano and the Buffalo narcotics team executed a warrant given them by Detectives Shawn D. Adams and Patrick Orourke as part of a drug investigation. Police busted into the home to search for M.D.M.A., where they proceeded to search the house.

Police first went to the room where Ronnie's roommate and the roommates girlfriend stayed. The girlfriend was alone, and police allegedly grabbed her and pulled her out of bed in her underwear and shirt, then went further back into the home to check a back room rented by a tenant.

Ronnie's bedroom was overlooked, but he could hear what was taking place in other parts of his home.

Unfortunately, Rocky was sleeping that night in the back room. Ronnie heard the officers as they opened the door and fired a shot. The next sound he heard was his dog screaming for help, followed by another shot.

Ronnie says Rocky never barked or growled before the shooting began, and describes what happened following the shooting

"I was then cuffed and turned around out my bedroom door into the dining room and then seen the officer with the twelve gage and smoke coming out the barrel and then asked him with extreme stress did you really kill my dog and he replied yes I then called him a f****** scumbag why did you kill my dog and he then replied and told me cause I made him! They searched and destroyed the house did damage and killed my dog and didn't find what they were looking for none of these cops even said sorry."

Now Ronnie is left with a dead dog, blood and hair on his door and walls, and various other damages to the home. Another concern is whether police will return to further harass those in his household.

Ronnie would like to know the judge who signed off on the warrant. He stated no drugs have ever been sold out of his home. The people living at the residence work for a living. Police found nothing during their search, while backs up Ronnie's statement that neither he nor his friends are 'drug dealers.'

Hopefully justice can be served by getting the word out.

"I'm stuck with the mess and damages and emotional injuries the loss of my companionship of my best friend and intentional infliction of emotional distress in ,Rocky's self defense as a harmless playful puppy that he was we will get justice and get to the bottom of how this warrant was issued ! Still working on the cops name who shot him and the rest of the officers there ! Please share cops and how they abuse there power is out of control it needs to stop justice needs to be served !!"

Ronnie says the West Seneca police have been harassing him since they learned he'd moved into the area. According to his statement on Justice for Rocky, police have entered his home on several occasions without a warrant. He describes the actions taken by West Seneca and Brooklyn Police

"these police used no responsibility and excessive and unreasonable force and animal cruelty ,and on Rocky's behalf I know my dog and trained him well and have twenty other people that will tell you he doesn't bark or bite or growl or show a single sign of aggressiveness at all ever!!"

This isn't the first time police have shot a dog during a drug raid. Sometimes a small amount of drugs have been found, but in more cases than not the home is clean. Please see articles of similar raids under suggested by the author.

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