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Justice for Justina: A father's plea to save his teenage daughter

Protesters in front of Massachusetts courthouse
Protesters in front of Massachusetts courthouse
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Justina Pelletier is a 15-year old girl originally from Connecticut. She had been successfully being treated in the past by Tufts Medical Center for a medical disorder known as Mitochondrial disease. Despite the diagnosis and treatment, she had been able to lead an otherwise normal life as a teenage girl with promising talent as an ice skater.

In February of 2013, Justina came down with flu-like symptoms and her parents took her instead to Boston Children's Hospital where one of her doctors had been transferred to. Despite her long history of medical treatment for mitochondrial disease at Tufts, doctors at Boston Children's Hospital dismissed that diagnosis and decided that she actually had a mental disorder known as Somatoform disorder. They insisted that her health problems were "all in her head" and proceeded to start treating her instead with psychiatric medications.

When her parents protested the treatment and wanted a second opinion, things took a turn for the unbelievable worse and would not allow Justina's parents to remove her from the hospital. Instead, Massachusetts Children and Families were called in to intervene and insisted that her parents were being abusive by trying to withhold treatment for a supposed mental disorder. Just 4 days later, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts took away Lou and Linda Pelletier's parental rights citing medical abuse.

It has now been over a year that Justina has been detained against her will and that of her parents being treated as a mental patient. Justina's health has deteriorated greatly without any treatment for mitochondrial disease and the young ice skater is now too weak to even walk and is confined to a wheelchair. In addition, her mental state has become effected by the forced use of psychiatric medications. Her father insists that Justina has been tortured, deprived and experimented on while she has been in the state's custody.

A court issued a gag order on her parents, forbidding them to speak out about what has been done to their daughter over the past year. Her father, feeling an urgency about her daughter's deteriorating health and well-being recently did an interview with The Blaze telling the horrific story of what has happened to them and making an urgent plea to the public for help. Since the interview, the court is believed to be pursuing charges against Lou Pelletier for breaking the gag order and ending his silence in a public plea to save his daughter.

The latest update to this story is that lawmakers in Massachusetts have now gotten involved in trying to push DCF and the court to release Justina back to her parents' custody so she can get the correct treatment that her deteriorating health condition requires. Her parents for over a year have been deprived of any say in their daughter's treatment or their participation as parents in her care. They have only been allowed one 1-hour visit and two 20-minute phone calls per week for this entire time since Justina was taken away from them.

The next custody hearing has been scheduled for March 17th. To sign a petition and help with the Pelletier family's legal battle, go to

Unfortunately, there are cases as horrific as this one and worse going on all over our nation that are not receiving the attention that they should be. Perhaps Justina will be one of the lucky ones that receives help and ultimately justice in an insane system of governmental over-reach and unchecked power given to bureaucratic agencies currently running wild. Hopefully, stories like this one will eventually prompt the American people to come together and unite in order to stop this type of insanity.

Prayers go out to Justina, her family and many others that have had their families wrongly torn apart. We can work together to spread the word of such injustices and begin as a nation to just say, "no"!

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