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Justice for Geist: Dog shot by Utah police officer

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While those who are outraged over the shooting of a dog named Geist by a police officer after the office entered a fenced area on private property, it has been reported that the officer responsible will not face charges.

Those want to view the petition through that demands the police officer who killed Geist be held accountable may view details here.

The owner of Geist, Sean Kendall, was recently offered a settlement in the amount of $10,000 by the Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department. Kendall refused the money.

It was reported that the officer responsible for the shooting of Geist was searching for a missing child at the time of the incident. The officer, Brett Olsen, entered the property where the dog was and apparently shot the dog to death.

A review board found that Officer Brett Olsen's actions were not in violation of policy, according to a letter that was sent to Geist's owner, Sean Kendall.

Please visit the Facebook page Justice for Geist to learn more details about this situation and what is being done.

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