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Justice for Arzy: Former police officer charged with felony animal cruelty

Justice for Arzy
Justice for Arzy
Justice for Arzy/Facebook

Most have heard about Arzy, a dog that was not aggressive, being shot by a police office for no apparent reason. The dog died in the parking lot where the incident occurred.

As many readers who are familiar with the story of Arzy have been following the details about this case, the arrest of the former Louisiana police officer accused of shooting Arzy was good news. Brian Thierbach had claimed the dog tried to attack him. Arzy was secured by a 4 foot leash at the time.

The following details were shared on several sites:

An internal affairs investigation into Thierbach’s actions found that he had violated the Sulphur Police Department’s policies and procedures regarding the use of force, personal conduct and behavior. Police Chief Louis Coats said in a news release issued in May that he was a dog lover and was deeply saddened by the incident, and that Thierbach’s resignation was accepted so the officers and community can heal and move forward.

No matter where the story is written, it does not appear to make sense that the dog, Arzy, was shot and killed or that the officer behaved in the manner in which he did.

Fortunately someone witnessed the incident and there was enough information available that the Police Chief, Louis Coats, accepted the resignation of Thierbach.

Those wanting to read more information about Arzy may do so here. The Facebook page, Justice for Arzy also contains more information and comments about the case.

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