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Justice for 8 pups and mama dog brutally beaten to death, Blount Cnty AL

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Update: This case was not heard as scheduled for May or June, 2014. The new date for a hearing by Judge Stephen C. Wallace is scheduled, yet again, for July 25, 2014. The hearing will take place at the Jefferson County Alabama Courthouse, Birmingham, AL.

In April 2012 a mama dog and her eight nursing puppies were pulled from under a house on the property of Robert Pastal King, Blountsville, AL - and brutally murdered. Alabama animal advocates got wind of the incident by emails and phone calls from parties who now wish to remain anonymous. If not for persistence by animal advocates in gaining cooperation from Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey and Blountsville Police Chief Ray Baxley, this incident would be unknown to proper authorities.

In November 2012, King was arrested and indicted with 3 counts of felony animal cruelty to a dog. King admitted to beating the mother dog and eight pups to death with a baseball bat and burying them on his property, because “he did not want them.” (See article at: )

Intentionally beating a helpless mama dog and her pups to death is disturbing enough, but there’s much more to this story than meets the eye of the legal system or the public. The mother of a man employed by King stated that her son told her that he had been ordered by King to pull the mama and pups from underneath a structure on the property, and to bury them alive. This, and other chilling statements, is what alerted animal advocates, and spurred them to urge a thorough investigation.

As noted on the Blountsville Police Department incident report, this employee, as well as an additional employee, denied knowing anything about the dogs being buried alive. Also noted, Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey prompted the investigation, mentioning numerous calls coming in from animal advocates regarding the alleged incident.

A search of King’s property ensued with King's cooperation. King stated that he had buried the bodies with a back hoe. King advised that he had since moved them from original burial spot. Only the remains of the mama dog and two puppies were recovered. Animal advocates had prearranged with Blount County DA and Chief Baxley that they would transport and pay for necropsies via State of AL Dept of Agriculture, Thompson Bishop Sparks Diagnostic Lab, Auburn, AL.

The case will be prosecuted by Alabama Attorney General's office, case CC2012-307. Incidentally, King is facing charges in another case, a Sexual Abuse, Second Degree case, CC2012-308. Arraignment will be held for both cases, with Judge Stephen C. Wallace presiding, on May 12, 2014 at the Jefferson County Court House, Birmingham, AL.

Two years after this crime was committed, according to AL AG office, and after previous dates for arraignment were abruptly postponed, the only way to keep accurate track of court dates is to call AG office, Criminal Trials Division at (334) 353-8494 or 334-242-7407 or you may FAX at (334) 242-4890. In addition, on AG website, there is a “General Contact Form that you can submit:

“The Attorney General's Office encourages you to call and speak with someone to assist you, or you may present your matter in writing with any supporting materials." Mailing Address: Office of the Attorney General P.O. Box 300152 Montgomery, AL 36130-0152 Office Main Number: 334-242-7300