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Justice Coalition: Christian advocates for justice (Part 1)

Justice Coalition logo.
Justice Coalition logo.
Compliments of Justice Coalition.

Seven years of wondering, and now it's over. The remains of Pamela Kay Hall had been found. The news wasn't what they hoped to hear, and unquestionably, it was traumatic. Who could the family turn to in their time of crisis?

The Justice Coalition is Jacksonville, Florida's advocate for victims of violent crime. When victims first step through its doors, their body language speaks loudly of grief and hopelessness. Staff and volunteers greet them with compassion and warmth and something different...the love of Jesus Christ.

This faith-based Christian organization understands the crux of their existence. They go where most other non-profit and for-profit entities won't. For the past 15 years, they have not only stood in the gap and provided a protective shield for the victims and their families, but they have intervened and immersed themselves into the crisis when and where needed.

Fighting crime and advocating for victims doesn't appear to be enough for this tireless agency. The Justice Coalition inserts itself into the community, becoming a formidable foe against perpetrators. They keep the community notified of unsolved murders, missing persons and wanted fugitives through their website and free monthly newspaper distributed throughout the city. They gladly bring the voices of the victims to anyone who can help: law enforcement, legislators, local officials and faith-based organizations.

Working closely with jurisdictional police and sheriff's departments, FDLE, U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI, they are able to provide accurate reports, something victims so desperately need as they strive to acquire answers. They then walk the victims through the legal and court systems, step-by-step, all the while keeping them apprised of their rights as victims. With an advocate in court 3-7 times per day, supporting the victims through the emotional stress of the legal proceedings, they ensure that the system is held accountable.

The Justice Coalition is there for the victims and their families. Pure and simple. Like a mother lioness, they wrapped themselves around the vulnerable, ready to fight for their right to justice. And fight they do.

To be continued...


  • Ms. "V" 5 years ago

    This was a great story Sherrie. I didn't know all that the agency did and I thank you for letting us know a little more about it. There are so many people who need someone to hear them and also an avenue of protection.

  • Sherrie Clark 4 years ago

    Yes, they are such a wonderful organization. They fight tirelessly for victims.

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