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Justice and Mercy: Child Custody and US Congressional Oversight

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Yesterday, The California Protective Parents Association dispensed a notice for a new petition, and cited status of collected records called for in mid January 2014. Find and sign this court related petition, sponsored by California Protective Parents Association and CHANGE.ORG The United States Department of Justice has partnered with the CPPA and are working on getting this information before Congress, in order to progress to formal actions.

California Protective Parents Association has identified that they are organizing cases with the United States Department of Justice, following this call for cases.

CPPA is a grassroots group of parents who are working to advance the questions of child rights in family courts. This is their direct Facebook page.

CPPA has a FB page, which is the best constant source of information. Since the group is a grassroots group, they do not have professional staff to answer phones or provide direct support in individual cases. It is true that anyone nationwide or involved in cases of child custody can be addressed by joining with this group and uniting voices.

Here are two additional studies being done on the same general subject.