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Just when you thought spring had sprung!

Mother Nature has become a foe to many this week and I think it is safe to say that she clearly has not read the 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac. If she had read it, we would not have had freezing temperatures with wind chills that classify as a "severe freeze" (24 degrees or less) according to the Almanac.

By now, the projected last frost date (April 11th, Almanac) has come and gone and the garden planning has been underway, for some, as far back as late 2013, when they received their first seed catalog.

Some of you have probably sowed cucumber, squash and melon seeds, maybe some others too. After this cold snap, you can count on resowing any seed that prefers a soil temperature of 60 degrees or warmer. For plant details, including soil preferences, I recommend my trusty bible, "The Vegetable Gardner's Bible," by Edward C. Smith.

Another issue you may be facing is with the plants that you have started indoors from seeds. First, if you moved any to a cold frame after April 11th and somehow missed the cold snap, you probably lost those plants. If so; my condolences. Losing a plant from seed is sad, but more frustrating than anything else. Secondly, you may have plants that are now root bound and beginning to look weary and woeful. Do not fret my fellow gardeners, the answer to your problems is to "repot." If you don't repot into larger containers these weary plants will surely die.

I have a collection of herb plants I had to repot myself. Unfortunately, I lost a few herb plants before I was able. The ones that survived, are very happy.

As always, gardening (the weather) is unpredictable. So do not show any ill will towards Mother Nature, "for Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little she achieves her work, " Ralph Waldo Emerson (

Until next time, Happy Gardening!!

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