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Just what do we know about the Jaguars?


There's plenty to smile about if you're a USA Jaguar.

Monday morning QB…
Two games. Two thorough beat-downs of totally outclassed opponents.
So what do we really know about South Alabama?

Coaching: Joey Jones and his staff have shown they can handle the pressures of keeping a bunch of young men together and believing in the job at hand.

While naysayers may be muttering about the quality of USA’S first two opponents, Jones has his team completely focused on playing its best against whoever shows up at the stadium.

Hargrave Military Academy had the athletes, but not the discipline to compete.
Army Prep had the discipline, but not enough horses to stay on the field with the Jags.

Still, Jones said his team was focused on the job at hand until the end in both games, and Saturday’s 56-0 blowout allowed him to play some players that might not have otherwise played.
Jones said he and the staff may have just “found some players” that can add immediate depth.

The team: A few of the writers upstairs were giving their opinion of just what division you can drop this team into right now and it immediately be competitive.
The consensus is that this would be a highly efficient Division II bowl subdivision team and could compete with the likes of schools like Alabama-Huntsville, Abilene (TX) Christian, Delta State (MS) and Fort Valley (GA) State.

The team has poise, moxie and the athletes necessary stay on the field with just about any D-II school.

The Jags should get their first real test of the season on Oct. 10 when Georgia Military Junior College comes to town … one of the top JC programs in the country.

It’ll be the first time the Jags will have played a team that has similar type athletes.


Don’t look now, but this college football season is shaping up for one of the wildest finishes ever.
Two weeks in and no less than five top ten teams have already bitten the dust.

So what’s going on?
Teams are just getting ready to play other teams now.

Coaches are getting their players to really buy in to the fact that preparation … both physical and mental … will always give you a chance to win.
Nobody seems to be concerned with alphabets like USC, FSU or BYU.
If anything, when those kinds of letters show up on the schedule it seems to bring that much more fire to team’s eyes.

The only teams that seem untouchable are the top three … Florida, Texas and ‘Bama.
But stay tuned. There’s a lot of football left ‘til January.



  • Kim Brunson 5 years ago

    Just wondering why you are covering USA "Jag" Football in Ft. Worth?
    We live in Tyler and enjoy reading about the new team. We have 2 sons playing on the team. Thanks for covering the games.