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Just walk on by.
CBS News

Mark Cuban has never been shy about speaking his mind or letting his feelings be known. He has been fined multiple times by the NBA, probably the most for a team owner, for disputing calls and saying some less than kind things about several referees in the league. It is that kind of passion for his Dallas Mavericks that Cuban displays, that a lot of people like and respect about him. That passion has made him very successful in business, and a very wealthy man. But Mark Cuban recently, just being himself, made some comments that really reflects the growing separation in our country between the rich, and the rest of us.

Mark Cuban stated that if he were walking down the street and saw a young black male in a hoodie, he would cross the street and continue walking. Conversely, he did say that if he saw a white male with a bald head and multiple tattoo`s he would do the same thing. So at least he was equally offensive. We all have our perceptions and prejudices about people, but it is that type of mentality, that you need to avoid people in order to be safe, that is difficult to stomach. Especially on the heals of what Donald Sterling said. Perhaps that is the product of being rich and famous. Whatever the case. Maybe if Mark Cuban came down from the top floor of his ivory castle and actually walked down the street sometimes, he would see that there really is no need to try to avoid the rest of us.

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