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Just in time for Valentine's Day: Glimpse app lets one find love on social media

A new app intends to let its users find love via Instagram
A new app intends to let its users find love via Instagram

Looking for love this Valentine's Day, but having trouble finding "the one"? Well, you may be looking in the wrong places. That is, according to a new app called Glimpse, which wants to help you find love via social media.

Glimpse lets its users take a peak into the Instagram posts of others using the app, and attempt to find their new romances by exploring and discovering similar interests on the social medium. If one does find a potential match, they can either express their interest through a "smiley face" button similar to Facebook's "like" button, or just go for it by sending that person a personal message. If there's a connection, meaning, the person you smiled at or sent a message to reciprocates, you will receive notification back that a "match" has been made.

It may seem like a strange idea, but according to Glimpse, offering prospective suitors real insight into one's daily life via social media may be more effective than a basic dating profile. Think of it like this: instead of writing that you "enjoy dancing in the rain", users of Glimpse will be able to see you actually enjoying yourself in the rain.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

But for those worried that their Instagram profile may not be showcasing them in the best light, the upside to Glimpse is that your profiles on the app run entirely on their servers. Meaning, you have to create a profile on Glimpse first, and you do so by adding only the Instagram content you would want your potential match to see.

Additionally, users of Glimpse cannot see the rest of your Instagram profile.

Sign up is through invite only at the moment, and interested lovebirds can do so here. After you're signed up, Glimpse will ask you some basic details (age, gender, sexual orientation) and then you will have the option of selecting one profile picture and nine other Instagram photos you feel represent you best. Right now, the first meetings on the app are solely random, but Glimpse plans on taking the data from this initial run and using it to connect users based on whether or not they would be compatible.

Right now, it appears that the app is only available via iPhone; so those Android users looking for love this Friday may have to resort to more traditional methods.

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