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Just the old Dog N Suds trying to make a come back........

I have a question to ask which may sound a little strange but here it goes........  Why is it when some individual or group try to re-open a place they hung out at or grew up with only to fail in their attempt?  Now I understand if it's a group never owning a business before or a club which is trying to keep an old memory alive but.........Well now, maybe I do have an answer after all. It's called Group Dynamics!  The only problem is when it splits the club or group in two and where one half always thinks it has the answers versus the group who just wants it done.  Never mind the fact that if they have to put their own money into it when in their first year they are in the red $5,000 and want to just pull out their investment.  Never mind that a small business or new business can take up to 5 years to just break even, because even the IRS knows that and gives you a break for it!