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Just Say No to GMO music video features dangers of genetically engineered foods

Don't Be Fooled Into Eatin GMO Foods
Don't Be Fooled Into Eatin GMO Foods
Mike Adams, Health Ranger

As part of the October Non-GMO month, the Health Ranger has released a new rap music video called "Just Say No to GMO." Written and performed by Michael Adams (the Health Ranger), this new song takes aim at the biotech industry by exposing the dangers of genetically engineered foods while promoting the Non-GMO Project Verified logo that helps consumers identify which foods are free from dangerous GMOs.

The music video is available now on the NaturalNews.TV video site:

It is also available on YouTube at:

The video features rap lines from Jeffrey Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology (, a non-profit educational group that teaches consumers about the many dangers of genetically engineered foods. IRT also supports mandatory labeling of GMO foods so that consumers may choose to avoid them.

The "Just Say No to GMO" song can be downloaded as a free MP3 file at

That same page offers song lyrics, ringtones, videos, commentary and information resources where consumers can learn more about the dangers of GMO foods.

"Just Say No to GMO" is the fifth song in Mike Adams' album "Beyond All Reason," available for free at:

"I'm really excited to be able to sing about the dangers of GMOs and help alert people to what's really in their foods," Adams said. "This is an issue that touches the lives of virtually everyone. Genetically engineered foods have invaded our food supply, and people have a right to know what that means to their health."

Adams is a strong supporter of the Institute for Responsible Technology as well as other anti-GMO organizations such as Non-GMO Project (, the Organic Consumers Association ( and the Center for Food Safety ( Adams also supports the efforts of other natural health industry individuals and organizations who are battling against GMOs in the food supply, such as Dr Joseph Mercola ( and Food Democracy Now (

Reaction to the Just Say No to GMO song has been strongly positive:

"Mike's Anti-GMO rap is not only great music, it's just the kind of creative
way we need to get the message out to people who may not even know they are
eating dangerous genetically modified organisms every day. Great job Mike!" - Jeffrey Smith, executive director, Institute for Responsible Technology

"Just say no to GMOs is the Battle Hymn for our new Organic Republic. Take
action against Monsanto and their mad scientists and indentured politicians." - Ronnie Cummins, Director, Organic Consumers Association

"Mike Adams unleashes his creative talents once again by putting together Just Say NO to GMO. It's a wildly clever and catchy way to educate you about the real dangers and authentic risks that GMO's pose to the public health." - Dr. Mercola, Founder of

"Mike Adams has combined his talents of honest health reporting and surprising music composition to create a song that is a modern call to action against the dangerous and imminent genetic modification of our entire food supply." - Kevin Gianni, founder, the Renegade Health Show

"If the youth of any generation are the catalyst for real change, Mike Adams just put the next generation on the map when it comes to saying no to genetically modified foodstuffs." - Robert Scott Bell, host and creator of the Robert Scott Bell radio show

"Mike always impresses me with his dedication to truth, passion for natural health and innovative ways of sharing the messages he cares about - and this new song is no exception! 'Just Say No to GMOs' is a powerful and meaningful call to action, which I am sure will especially appeal to young people and help educate them on food safety. I applaud Mike for sharing his inner rapper with us all...!" - Matt Monarch

To hear the song and learn more, visit


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