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Just released #RelishaRudd case video and where to call to give or get info

Watch NBC video clip released by FBI

Here is the NEWEST information on #RELISHA a video here reported in this link by NBC news. Please watch and share this Additional male they wish to speak with.

Question on the table is if #RELISHA was sold (a first time, or again or permanently).

Recent clues have been many deaths, money in odd places at odd times and a failure of family members to keep a young child close to home, in school as prescribed by community law. Accompany this issue of #RelishaRudd away from home with a variety of stories with odd or fantastic cross hairs, leaving an 8 year old Washington, DC girl off in the proverbial wilderness of what appears to be child sex trafficking. 75% of trafficked are also victims of molestation, incest and other childhood abuses. Support network for children, youth and women Trafficked individuals are typically invited to do one thing, and permanently tricked into another.

#RelishaRudd is in the news now, internationally, as she should be. Hopefully she will be tracked and discovered and placed where she can get some very proper care. Word on the street, people talking and showing her picture can often find this and other children.

Child trafficking, child abuse and child death Child death is all too common, and misuse of child systems is ALSO common.

Roll the clock back 1981. Cinda Pallett for whatever reason, is a female, from the intown Oklahoma City community known to this writer. She is younger by quite a bit. Don't remember speaking to her ever, but she had a reddish undertone to her hair that is very unusual, her looks very striking and distinct. A few years ago, another person from my HS home page, who is also younger, noted they were the best of friends and she was missing. For years.

Cinda and Charlotte Kinsey were missing together from the Oklahoma State Fair. The Fair is a standard social activity, and it is not unusual for girls or boys of Junior High age even to go alone, unescorted then.

This story as it is written here is foreign to much of the public, but probably accurate. .

There are thousands of missing children annually. Here is Oklahoma's OSBI webpage of known missing and a couple of found kids that are unidentified, but were found here dead.'s_Missing_Children/

This is the national webpage for missing children.

The answer to problems like this, if there is ever to be one is that all must throw the net wider.

Every day, make it a point to RT a chosen story, picture or video. There are thousands of kids, pick one, or two and show them in a prominent place, allow them to be considered by others and sometimes, law enforcement gets lucky and kids are found and given a safe place to be to recover and heal. Honesty, sometimes the situation is bad enough, healing happens away from families because the family is involved. Other times, the child feels they cannot go back home, they are now "different'.

Child sex trade, in and out of family circumstances is happening at a shocking rate. The United States does not have a national standard for reporting sex assaults, or investigation of sex assaults so these issues if reported in a timely manner according to state mandatory reporting laws have some chance of getting properly documented and assessed. But an equal chance of being bungled. The huge delay in time in getting sufficient data to progress, combined with fabrications and misleads by people expected to be trusted servants to the child made things more complex, not less.

Child sex trafficking is not well documented when some other forms of sex trade have been in the news, as it is alleged that money is NOT changing hands, and merely noted as favors or access for child sex abuse, child sex assault and child porn.

It has been said in child abuse preventions circles that child porn and child sex rings with or without criminal underground connections, have been identified as a non-issue with the US Attorney General, not on the list of things to fight and attend. This writer has no idea if that is true, but #RelishaRudd case will surely test that or bring it into the light if it is so.

THE NUMBERS FOR REPORTING exact information on #RELISHARUDD if you have it can be BEYOND the local police departments, or any law enforcement in DC. A call to 911 goes to the local police and they would accept a report. DC youth reporting is at the BOTTOM of that NBC video above. BELOW are some MORE alternatives.

CRIME STOPPERS is a cloaked network of phone calling, emails or texting where ANYONE can network information to help solve a crime . 1800 222 TIPS

FBI Here is the missing child page, see how many kids are gone RIGHT NOW. But note only 2 are BOYS. Here is the FBI missing children TIP PAGE

FBI webpage notes a child ID app, which stores a collection of child identifying information, which could be downloaded in an INSTANT to aid law enforcement in finding YOUR child.

Children who are truly in a situation of sex trade, may or may not be removed from a home circumstance, may or may not have contact with their families WHILE this goes on and may or may not be drugged. There are a variety of resources to learn about child and youth sex trafficking. One in 7 runaways, often within as little as 48 hours are locked into sex trade activities. 48 HOURS. These girls, more than 1/4 are known dead, with an unknown killer for some.

While the YWCA does not have this as their primary function, they DO have outlets it seems in the tiniest of places, and talking to a YWCA crisis counselor may be a right thing for some families. See that box on the bottom right corner for zip code, that places in your community.

National Center for Missing Children

RAINN is the rape, abuse and incest network for information, supports and referral.

National Child Abuse Hotline puts you through to your area CPS reporting hotline

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