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Just Pop In Review

Just Pop In
Just Pop In Collage by Ginae

Just Pop In was founded in 2003 by twin sisters Mandy and Carly. Their Mission Statement is this;

Mandy & Carly believe the quality of their product is equally as important to their customer service. In addition, they are dedicated to promoting a culture of happiness, open-mindedness and co-existence. This commitment creates a successful pathway for Just Pop In! and the partners / clients they work with daily.

Up for review are the three popcorn types that we were able to snag from Just Pop In The first of these was the White Chocolate Peanut Butter and it was just as rich and as sweet as one would ever imagine. We were forced to share this one as others were present during the unboxing. This flavor comes in a tube, which easily provides snacking for 2 people and retails for $9.00 and worth it!

The next sample arrived in a small (but good-sized) bag. This was the caramel, which retails for $5.00 and is just perfect. A lot of caramel popcorn batches get clumpy and messy looking and while the first popcorn that we had did look this way, it actually worked in favor of the flavor. We had absolutely no qualms with either of these.

The last sample was the Sharp Cheddar, which also arrives in a small (again, it is a good-sized) bag. It also retail for $5.00 and was just perfect. The colors on all of these are enticing. They are well packaged and there is a toothpick attached to the side of each container. It's a nice touch!

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