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Just Paint

Underwood.   (The make of typewriter.)   Prints are available.
Underwood. (The make of typewriter.) Prints are available.
All images are the work and property of Hunter McKee.

Hunter McKee's art comes from a place of knowing how things are made and understanding how they work and what to do with them. He is a practical person whose painting reflects this in his choice of subjects but his use of color and economy of form turns the commonplace into works of art.

This, like most of Hunter's pictures, was painted in oil on panel.
All images are the work and property of Hunter McKee.

Although his style is not hyper realistic, you know what you are looking at and where you are with it. He seems to show you an object and defy you not to like it. But his style is impressionistic with a light and tone that seems to give pictures a historical significance. A juxtaposition of the everyday and the art form.

Seldom has a pile of ductwork or a paintcan inspired such an air of art in the making! His landscapes are more mysterious; they have that soft light that makes you want to keep looking in case you miss something, or is it because it reminds us of somewhere we can't quite remember.

Hunter grew up in Rumson, New Jersey then attended for a time Massachusetts College of Art where he met Professor George Nick. It was Prof. Nick who taught him “to see rather than to paint. And to work hard. “Just paint” was his answer to nearly all questions.” says Hunter. “The answers are in the work itself.”

Finding answers by doing things is what Hunter did. He learned carpentry “the practical, geometric and aesthetic aspects of carpentry,” he describes. He married and had a son and did home additions and renovations but found himself teaching his son using art, rekindling his own interest in art in the process.

He reconnected with his former teacher George Nick and painted under his guidance for the next 10 years. Hunter is still a carpenter but is currently concentrating most of his time on the making of art. His website shows many of his paintings at and on his Blogspot which you can reach from his website.

He currently is showing work in The ArtSea Gallery in Sea Bright ( and the Beauregard Gallery in Rumson (, both New Jersey, and has exhibited fairly regularly in both NJ and Mass.

“I can tell you how to hang a door, frame a room or build a table and all of that is good and valuable. But in art who can explain a shape, a line or a form?” Hunter comments. “Who can say why one arrangement of shapes is 'right' while another is 'wrong' or why one arrangement of colors intrigues while one leaves me cold?”

“Art is mysterious not practical. It is that mystery which makes it endlessly interesting.”

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