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Just one question, Mr. President?

I saw the President.
I saw the President.
James George

I came downtown today for a Politco Pro event at the W Hotel. I arrived on time and asked the clerk about the meeting. He showed me a list and said that something started at 7:30 a.m. Well, that was not my meeting. Being deaf is a problem because you can’t always ask enough questions and hear the answers.

The White House today
James George

Ok, I decided to walk the beat. A lot of important people work in this neighborhood and you never know who you will see on the street. I have already written a couple of stories that are published this morning on The first story is about why Israel should not agree to a cease fire until they have wiped out Hamas. Do you think that it is easy to be a link farmer and frame such a position? Many people won’t like choosing sides in this matter. I just call them as I seem them.

The second story is that Democrats should take a cue from Republicans and clean house. Surely I am a deaf liberal covering conservative Republicans, I admit. But, that doesn’t mean that I acquiesce to the Democratic party leaders. Hey, they work for me.

The big story of the day is the “list”. It is a list of what is behind the people dying in Gaza. That is complicated and is intended as a discussion. Now, being warmed up for a cozy lunch at the W Hotel with Politico folks should be fun. But, I couldn’t find it.

I walked over to the White House and the news crew stations were nearly empty. That is because Wolf Blitzer and Chris Cuomo and all of those guys are in Israel and the Ukraine. They know that the President is off to make another one of his pep talks somewhere.

I had better check the front gate to see what is going on. (Walk, walk, walk) I will ask this tourist. Is the President coming out?

“Well, that guard said they are getting ready for the motorcade,” she said.

I looked at the guard, and he nodded. I looked down the street to see the positioning of security. Then, I picked my spot to where I could snap a picture of the President whizzing by.

I always think about the one question I would ask him should the opportunity arise.

What is the first thing that you would advise the new President to do?

There he goes, and I missed the opportunity.

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