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Just one more day: A celebration of life of black Lab Duke Roberts

Just one last day in the life of family member black Labrador retriever Duke Roberts.
Just one last day in the life of family member black Labrador retriever Duke Roberts.
Robyn Arouty Photography

Jordan Green Roberts blog post began with the chilling words, "I died today," as she tenderly recounted her beloved dog's last day of life this past week; it was after all a celebration of a beautiful life albeit much too soon.

It was a warm Houston, Texas day and just a wonderful day for a party.

Duke Roberts was a rescue dog, and the black Labrador retriever was a beloved member of the family. Unfortunately he had been affected by osteosarcoma, and his vet amputated the dog's leg hoping that would forever stop the cancer. Tragically in June, a tumor came back; this time it was even more aggressive, and day by day it seemed to grow. There could be no surgery because of its size, and chemotherapy was no longer an option. The imminent risk of the tumor rupturing worried Jordan.

Anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to their dog knows the heartbreaking, gut emptiness and despair those last few minutes bring as reality sets in, and Jordan knew what to expect, but for that last day, she wanted Duke to have just one more day - a true celebration of his life.

And on July 7, out came the hamburgers, milkshakes, children's water park, a ride in the car, and lots of love from Jordan's husband, Duke's groomer, friends, and the family.

"We tried to find the time to celebrate his life just before it was going to be too late for him," Jordan told ABCNews. "Nobody wants to see their dog suffer."

Jordan's friend, Robyn Arouty, a photographer offered to document that last beautiful day, and the story of Duke was told through lovely photographs and as if Duke told his own story. He said he would miss his family, and was thankful for that one last gift of a most perfect day.

We all know that dogs only live for the day; they have no regrets about the past and have no idea about the future, but one thing all dog owners know for sure; our wonderful four-legged companions love us unconditionally.

Duke went to sleep forever at the end of that idyllic day. Rest in peace Duke. We know all dogs go to Heaven.

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