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Just one drop can prevent you feeling like you are hanging on by a thread

There are times when you may feel like you are handing on by a thread and other times when everything you do or happens in a day goes smoothly.

One little drop can change and fix an array of things!
Home and Living Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Now we aren’t talking about stress specifically but there are some things that occur on any given day that can cause a little stress, frustration or embarrassment that is easily avoided with just one drop.

That is if you have a bottle of clear nail polish handy. This is an item that women should carry in their purses or kept in a desk drawer that the rest of the household knows where to locate it in case they need just one drop to fix a few things themselves.

Ways a single drop of clear nail polish can save the day and not leave you hanging:

  • If you have a button that seems to be coming loose and it would be embarrassing if it fell off because of where it is situated then place a drop of clear nail polish on the threads to prevent them from fraying more and possibly falling off before you get home to a sewing kit to fix it properly.
  • Women who wear panty hose already know the secret to preventing a run from running rampant down their hose. This is a great trick to relay to your daughters so they can salvage the pair they are wearing or when a mishap happens can prevent it from becoming worse. Just a drop of clear nail polish will stop a run from continuing on. Just be sure to let it dry before pulling the area away from your leg since the polish will also adhere to your skin during the process.
  • Children seem to in the course of all their activities have a way of fraying shoe laces making them impossible to lace back into the eyelets if they pull out. A simple trick is to dip the ends in clear nail polish, let it dry and then your worries are over since the polish seals the ends from unraveling.
  • If you are a fan or costume jewelry and sometimes experience some irritation from the posts or earring backs just brush on some clear nail polish, let it dry completely and they will no longer be a bother.
  • If you wear eyeglasses and have stripped the area where the itty bitty screw is located and they always seem loose make a temporary fix with some clear nail polish until you can get to the eye doctor or store to get the arm of your glasses replaced.
  • Now if you really are stressed and need a little down time and enjoy the look of polished nails now is the time to take that time and relax with a self-manicure. It is also relaxing and fun to place some polish on your daughters nails too and make it girl time to get away from what was bothering you while sharing some stories with your little girl.

Just one little drop can do a lot!

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