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Just one black man in the way?

If North Dakota is not a state, do Cheryl and Bobby have to make room for a White Supremacist colony?
If North Dakota is not a state, do Cheryl and Bobby have to make room for a White Supremacist colony?
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Is there a place for white supremacy to exist in Leith, North Dakota? While the nation commemorated the anniversary of the Martin Luther King ' I Have A Dream' speech last week, Paul Craig Cobb was making strides toward achieving a dream of his own; a dream of creating a white supremacist colony in North Dakota. Cobb believes he can openly let his white supremacist flag fly and others will join him.

Cobb has targeted this state where 90% of the population therein is listed as white. In particular, Cobb has found this distressed, small town of Leith, about two hours away from Bismark, ND, where there is only one black person between Cobb and the creation of the all white paradise of his dreams.

With a reported population of under two dozen people in the tiny community, the acquisition of property and creation of a racist utopia is unfurling. Just one black man stands in the way of having only whites in residence in Leith, Bobby Harper.

Cobb took up residence and began purchasing property about two years ago in Leith where Bobby Harper and his wife already lived. He seemed harmless enough. It has recently been revealed by the investigative work of the Bismark Tribune that Cobb's true intentions are to create a white nationalist society in Leith.

Reports are that Cobb has posted ads on Craigslist and used white power message boards, to draw supporters for his plan to turn this small town into a white supremacist colony. The plan is in motion and.Cobb has apparently found an audience.

He has already transferred ownership of some of the property he has acquired to a few like minded white nationalist, who agree with his outspoken intention of creating an openly racist community; a utopia for White Supremacist to run an openly racist society right here in America.

But, again, what about Bobby Harper, the one black man who already lives in Leith with his wife Cheryl, who is white? Will Bobby Harper be run out of town? Is there just one black man standing in the way of Cobb's dream?

Cheryl Harper has been publicly insulted, suffered racial attacks and endured intense ridicule because she is the white wife of that one black man in Leith. But, the barrage of racist attacks began only after Cobb settled into town. Any wonder who could be behind it?

Cheryl has family ties to the community. She has lived in peace and harmony with her husband Bobby until now. It is the work of one grey haired, 61 old white man and his white nationalist associates that endangers their future now.

What allows Cobb, a wanted criminal, to terrorize and intimidate the wife of the only black man in town and not be arrested for disturbing the peace, at least? With this evidence against him, should there be more than just one black man who will challenge him? There should be a national outrage.

What if a group of black businessmen bought up all the property in Leith and created a black power paradise?

Should Americans have the freedom to choose to associate with their race only? Are there people right here in Denver who feel race relations would be greatly improved if a separation of the races was allowed and even encouraged?

In 2013, racial tensions are still an issue. How many people would be honest and say they would appreciate having a place in Colorado where it is a whites only community or maybe a blacks only community? Wait. Don’t we have that here already? In Colorado and in cities all over the United States, isn't there a tacit segregation among us? Maybe Cobb and his white supremacist are just being more upfront about the whole thing...

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