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"Just Live" local clothing brand offers people a sense of style

Casual and fit local clothing line
Casual and fit local clothing line
jared lerner

The Just Live clothing line created by Jared Lerner is the best example of a developed sense of style. It began simply as Mr. Lerner adapted and retrofitted his current clothing according to what made him feel comfortable. Not only was this approach prevalent in his clothing but in how he did his work, maintained his body and lived his life. He has since turned it into a business venture and packaged a clothing line together with a custom-made training gym called Just Live Fit. A customer can select a level of physical training (The Biggest Loser, Rock Hard Fit, In the Mix Fit, Skinny Girl Fit, etc) and they get personal attention to get fit properly. In speaking with him, he showed that his sense of style is precisely the Just Live brand he represents and sells. The two ventures offer an approach to daily life that focuses on making the most of each day and living it to the fullest. He answered a few questions on Miami Men's Style for examiner:

How do you define your style--wardrobe, activities, approach?

My wardrobe matches my day-to-day lifestyle: casual and fit. I like to look good and be comfortable at the same time. When I wear my own brand, I feel I can showcase my take on life in a put-together way. A "Just Live" T-shirt reminds people to not waste a moment because all of it matters, every single day. That's how I live my life and my style is an extension of that concept.

What is the fabric used on the shirts?

The fabric is a blend of cotton, polyester and rayon called tri-blend. It gives the wearer a soft, stretchable feel and there are two lines--a Lifestyle line and a Performance line. The Performance line has a 100% polyester, moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics for working out.

Are there plans to extend the line from workout gear?

We plan to enhance the kids line to include more offerings that coordinate with what is available in our adult line. We also plan to continually increase the performance apparel line with new colors, patterns and technology.

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