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Just listening


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 Grandparents are so good at telling all their life experiences in order to teach. They have told their story countless times…to each one of their children. While doing this, they are reliving some of their fondest and sometimes not so fondest memories. All children and grandchildren are thrilled when they hear about Grandpa’s years in the military or how when growing up he could while away the day skipping rocks with his best buddies. Or the grand-daughters especially love to hear tales from Grandma about who her favorite movie star was or what the girlfriends did on a Friday night.

Also, though, grandchildren love to be seen and heard. In the quiet of a walk with a grandchild or while just visiting, it is important to listen as grandchildren also have their tales to tell. You can learn a lot about what they are experiencing, what traumas they think they are facing and what advice they most are in need of hearing. The pre-teen and teen years are very traumatic to children. They have peer pressure that they are dealing with daily.
We, as adults, can also garner from the grandchildren things in this new technological world in which they live. They are living in a wonderful era of technical advances that we didn’t have as children. They don’t skip stones on a sunny afternoon usually, but they are learning things as they explore the world of technology. These things will help them in their future, and they will be excited to share those stories with any grandparent or parent or anyone that will listen.
Children love to be heard so we, the grandparent whose life has slowed some in comparison to their busy parents, can become their sounding board. It can be a two way street. Make it fun learning by both parties.


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