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Just let me touch the fringe of His cloak

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I am a sinner.

No shock value here. I suspect that anyone with true Catholic sensibility would be in solidarity with me. And, in solidarity with our common human plight, we would agree that to touch just the fringe of Jesus' cloak would be enough to save us.

But what is the fringe?

Well, the first fringe would be the closest and most available fringe. Prayer. A simple, 'Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner' will do. This is a fringe that God grabs Himself, and puts right in our hand through Loving grace.

The next fringe would be the confessional. Think about it. We hunger for Jesus in a world often empty of the recognition of Jesus. Our calling is to evangelize this world. But, let's face it, we are weak, and, sometimes, we are de-evangelized by the very world we seek to evangelize.

The fringe of confession gets us to the full cloak of our Lord.

The next fringe is the sweet presence of a faithful Catholic friend. In a world of crazy people, hell bent on self destruction, through self absorption, it is a grace to spend some time with a friend humbled by the grace of God, full of compassion and Wisdom, traits only a faith filled believer can fully exude.

Finally, what the Lord desires of us is that we become fringes for those desperate, but blessed, enough to admit their own personal poverty in sin. For in our 'fringiness' in solidarity with their weakness, we become a living tassel of God's Divine Mercy.